Our second annual Flush Smart Day celebration is right around the corner, and it is already shaping up to be a can’t-miss event!  Last year, the state of California declared July 1 as “Flush Smart Day” to coincide with the enactment of its Wet Wipes Proper Labelling Law, which requires non-flushable wipes, including baby wipes, cleaning wipes, and makeup removal wipes to be marked with the “Do Not Flush” symbol. Thanks to this symbol, we now have an easy way to make sure we don’t flush the wrong products down the drain.

Flush Smart Day was a hit last year! Our wastewater partners across California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, and other parts of the U.S. joined in the fun, spreading the word about smart flushing habits across social media (see some of our wastewater friends’ posts from last year: HERE, HERE, and HERE). We even received coverage on KCRA and celebrated with the city of San Diego.

This year, we’re even more excited to share all things responsible flushing habits, and you can join in the fun too! On July 1st, keep an eye on our social media… a certain Clog Monster has been causing a stir in Hollywood and is sure to make an explosive appearance to try to thwart the celebrations. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and now for the first time… TikTok!

The best way to spend Flush Smart Day is learning why responsible flushing habits are so important. When non-flushable wipes are sent into our sewers, they congeal with fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) to create fatbergs. These cement-like masses wreak havoc in our wastewater systems, causing infrastructure damage that increases your utility bills – not to mention the environmental damage from sewage spills!

Save your community and your wallet from clogs by spreading the word about smart flushing habits. You can get the whole family involved by checking out our enrichment materials designed for little ones of all ages. From activity pages to our storybook about Apollo, the clog fighting dog, there’s something for everyone to do on Flush Smart Day!

We can’t wait to spend July 1st with all of our favorite responsible flushers! Keep an eye out for the “Do Not Flush” symbol on wipes packaging, and for a pesky Clog Monster in our sewers…

About the Responsible Flushing Alliance

The Responsible Flushing Alliance is leading the way with its #FlushSmart consumer education campaign. RFA is dedicated to keeping homes and communities healthy through proper flushing practices. This includes supporting clear and prominent labeling of all items that should not be flushed, including promotion of the “Do Not Flush” symbol on non-flushable wipes.