By Andrew Charleston
Business Development Category Manager for the Americas region for Suominen Corporation, responsible for managing the company’s wetlaid based nonwovens portfolio.

Suominen is a nonwoven manufacturer producing moist toilet tissue products since 1997. As a moist toilet tissue manufacturer, we foster sustainability and responsibility.

  1. No plastic. Renewable fibres are the most sustainable for moist toilet tissue products.
  2. Certified dispersibility. Suominen ensures its moist toilet tissue grades pass the most current regulatory standards for dispersibility.
  3. Shared responsibility. In supply chain each player has to take responsibility on flushability to ensure that the products are safe for the environment.
  4. Responsible environmental stewardship. We are aware that our nonwovens are mainly used as wipes so we must steer environmental responsibility in the right direction.

Suominen´s moist toilet tissue products are made from cellulosic fibers such as pulp, viscose and lyocell, and they contain no plastic. It is important to also note the need for sustainability throughout the whole supply chain from the selection and production of raw materials, production of nonwovens until the disposal.

Improved moist toilet tissue products through testing

Thorough testing helps us to continuously develop and improve our products. Windsor Locks in
Connecticut, USA, is where we reliably test the dispersibility of our products. These facilities allow us to evaluate how our products will perform in everyday use.

Test results gathered at Windsor Locks helps us immensely in the development of truly dispersible products. The dispersibility regulations are changing all the time to be more stringent. Continuous product development and increasingly binding product requirements keep us learning and developing to ensure high-quality products. Using our testing expertise supports our customers to develop next
generation moist toilet tissue products.

We acknowledge that fatbergs in sewer systems are a serious problem globally. Suominen as an industry player takes responsibility for making sure that the nonwoven material in consumers’ hands is truly dispersible and safe to use.